Why men want FLR

Desires surrender to trusted mate. This can be a cry for intimacy where he feels a need to be connected by becoming vulnerable, your man could feel he needs a vacation from leadership, your man could feel a desire to become a slave (abandoned decision making), it could be an innocent expression of love; or an effort to indulge a fantasy.

Female Led Relationship

A female led relationship is also called wife led marriage is actually about loving female authority. In a female led relationship, the woman serves as the household head. It is the woman who is responsible for all major decisions. This relationship does not involve chains and whips. It just involves a different arrangement of powers.
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Guide for FLR Training

In order to train you will need to establish the things you want him to learn. You can get some from your list of relationship ideals such as fidelity and intimacy or some from your life direction goals and his cry for help. If you have no female led relationship agreement or relationship strategy you are not ready for training unless you just want to play.
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Arousal and Denial

Men love physical sex, they also desire a level of sexual energy in their relationships that is very often missing. While this is useful information for any woman, it is critical for those with submissive husbands. A submissive husband craves sexual energy from his wife as much as or more than he craves physical sex. He can go without the physical sex for extended periods of time, but he needs the sexual energy to feel satisfied.
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